In case you missed it, this is a week of racing!

On Tuesday: Downtown la Tour: fundraiser for Big Idea & after party

On Friday: Snowed In: gold sprints with beer!

On sunday: The Cross’d Bite: cross racing with beer!

Get your chain lube ready…

The Pittsburgh-Roubaix 2009… results!

Bicycle Film Festival 2009 logo

Thanks to Urban Velo and BikePGH for bringing the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival to Pittsburgh! This should be an awesome weekend.

Check it: Bike Pgh survey

Riding the Dinocat on the 13th (also ding’s birthday BTW)? Go RSVP at the facebook

The Dino Cat

The Western Pennsylvanian Wheelmen are running a 10 mile time trial. Good training for summer rides, especially if you plan on riding Oscar Swan’s Time Trials or Track Nights.

Here’s the Google Calendar event and the Bike Pittsburgh message thread.

Ghost Pirates spokecard, probably the best spokecard ever.
It’s that PBS-pledge-drivey time of year: would you, or someone you know, like to

  • Make bikers happy?
  • Support Pittsburgh?
  • Be totally awesome?

All you have to do is sponsor some bike events! Just send me some stuff and it will get given. You can even ear-mark your prize for a particular race. For more information, email me at

Check out the list of 2008’s sponsors.

PS: and it might even be good for business. Local bike shop Thick Bikes started carrying Crumpler bags and Yanco framepads after seeing them in last year’s races. Go viral marketing!

PPS: that spokecard doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I was looking at it the other day and thinking “that’s the most awesome spokecard I’ve ever made”.

I’m putting together a tentative schedule for Why so early? ‘Cause I want a schedule together so when I write to people begging for prizes they’re like “oh, he’s not just trying to get 100 free copies of Momentum magazine for personal use.” Whatever prizes we end up with are shared between events. So you get prizes for your race, too.

Message me here or at


24 Minutes of Creek Trail is delayed. It’s Dirt Rag’s women’s day at Ray’s (I think that sentence might have too many apostrophes). So women: go ride Ray’s. Guys: go ride Ray’s after 4pm.

Edit: just saw this at Urban Velo: Trek Warehouse sale. So women: go ride Ray’s. Guy’s: go get some deals at Trek then go ride Ray’s after 4pm.

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