Ghost Pirates spokecard, probably the best spokecard ever.
It’s that PBS-pledge-drivey time of year: would you, or someone you know, like to

  • Make bikers happy?
  • Support Pittsburgh?
  • Be totally awesome?

All you have to do is sponsor some bike events! Just send me some stuff and it will get given. You can even ear-mark your prize for a particular race. For more information, email me at

Check out the list of 2008’s sponsors.

PS: and it might even be good for business. Local bike shop Thick Bikes started carrying Crumpler bags and Yanco framepads after seeing them in last year’s races. Go viral marketing!

PPS: that spokecard doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I was looking at it the other day and thinking “that’s the most awesome spokecard I’ve ever made”.