Climb Fixed or Die!

Thanks for the great ride everybody (all 4 of you!). Here are the results


Ride up big hills without gears. Points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd to the top of the hill. Neutral transitions, but you might get dropped if you’re geared too low. A few bonus hill climbs thrown in for fun.

Don’t forget you have to come back down! Brakes recommended.

When: Thursday July 5th, 7pm
Start: Armstrong Park (Southside, 12th street between Carson and Sarah)
Ends: Rock Room (Polish Hills)
Cost: Free
Prizes: Pride (side bets encouraged)

The Hills

This is tentative and comments are welcome:

  • Brosville (Southside)
  • Homer (Northside)
  • Greenfield (uh, Greenfield)
  • Commercial (Edgewood/Squirrel Hill)
  • Negley (Shadyside/Squirrel Hill)
  • Heron (Polish Hills)
  • BONUS POINTS: Coleman (Greenfield)