Le Tour de Yinz: Part Deux race flyer

From the organizer:

A two part alleycat celebrating the best of the burgh.


Time-trial in the Southside.

August 18th, 2007
Hotmetal Bridge & S. Water St. (Southside)


  1. Dave Gingrich 13.39 F
  2. John Lomax (aka Toodles) 13.52 F
  3. Jimmy 14.10 F
  4. Rob Lochner 14.23 G
  5. Blake Irvin 14.44 F
  6. Rob Wolfe 14.52 F
  7. Matt Kurpiewski 15.08 G
  8. Jim Isler 15.13 G
  9. Loren Sloan 15.17 G
  10. Mike Bennett 15.50 F
  11. Ben Grocholsky 16.14 G
  12. Caleb Morgan 16.31 G
  13. Chris Young 17.10

Results, color commentary and pictures on Justin’s blog: TDY2 Prologue Results


Alleycat w/ ‘stage-like’ check-points.

August 25th, 2007; 2pm
Friendship Park (Bloomfield)

A note from the organizers

Hey Pittsburgh:
I am excited to announce the (tentative) dates for this years Tour. There are also a few changes to this years event.

For starters, this years tour will be a two weekend event due to the addition of a Prologue stage. The prologue will not be mandatory to participate in the actual alleycat, but could gain you a very valuble time bonus on race day. Essentially, the prologue will consist of a Time Trial-esque ride on the southside trail. Times will be tallied for the start of the race on the following weekend. Those who choose not to participate in the Prologue will start the race with a 5-10 minute time penalty starting from the slowest TT time. More details will follow closer to the date of the event.

The format for the actual race will be similar to last year featuring ‘stage-like’ checkpoints. While the path between each checkpoint, and the order in which they are done is entirely up to each rider, there will be particular routes that must be taken to complete each checkpoint.

Those of you who participated last year will appreciate the fact that the events will take place in August!! So, hopefully it isn’t 40° and pouring rain! There is a lot more information to come soon, but wanted to get the word out. Hit me up if you have any questions.