Pittsburgh Calling to the faraway towns… and the locals.

October 25th

Main Event – Turning Rebellion into Money – 5pm. Meet at 5pm at “The Wall” corner of Forbes and Bouquet in Oakland. Punk as fuck. Event will start promptly at 6pm, and end at 8pm. Bring a bag and $5. Competitive and fun class go at the same time, to the same stops. Fun class is poker run style, be you own Card Cheat.

Time penalties issued to USCF license holders, and anyone else we like in the Competitive Class.

Afterparty – Prizes, music, refreshments. Better than the “usual.”

October 26th

Polo Tournament – 10:30am – At the polo courts underneat the Bloomfield Bridge. 10:30 registration, games start at 11:30. 10 minute time limit on games. Pittsburgh hosts its second bike polo tournament. Things are getting competitive, get your practice in and pull a team together. This will start pretty early to get all the games in, so be sure to party yourself into proper game shape the evening before.

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  1. tark says:

    wheres the event taking place?

  2. dave says:

    Still being planned… watch this space. Or feel free to send me an email later.

  3. Fatty McBastard says:

    What time is the tourney starting and where will it be? Cleveland is coming, we just need to know when and where to start swingin, mallets

  4. dave says:

    Dear Mr. McBastard,

    Not quite sure yet, Brad & crew are still planning the festivities. Check back here or email me and I’ll send you an update when I find out.

  5. Doug D says:

    who won?? are you going to post results?? how many teams? from where? team names? top prize??

  6. dave says:

    Hey Doug,

    I don’t have the formal results since I wasn’t the organizer. I know Rob L. and Eric were were 1 & 2 in the alleycat and the Ball Grabbers were 1st in polo. There’s a some more info and some pics on the Urban Velo page.

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