To celebrate BikeBike coming to Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Alleycats invites you to…


An alleycat to some of Pittsburgh’s bike landmarks.

Race starts 6:30pm at Pittsburgh Filmmaker’s (Melwood Screening Room). That’s enough time for those at BikeBike to get some pizza before the ride.

$5 to race, also includes free admission to the BikeBike party!

Small cash prizes, all other proceeds benefit Bike Pittsburgh.


27 Racers total; 6 finished all the checkpoints:

  1. Jon Lomax (#12)
  2. Eric Lundger (#13)
  3. Rob Lochner (#7)
  4. Rob Wolf (#2)
  5. Blake Irwin (#3)
  6. Brad Q (#11)

Podiums were based on # of checkpoints finished and then time.


  1. Jon Lomax (#12)
  2. Eric Lundger (#13)
  3. Rob Lochner (#7)


  1. Tricia Keffer (#21)
  2. Sarah Miller (in town from Chicago) (#5)
  3. Amy Barbark (#24)

Out of town:

  1. Michael Pedron (#20, FL)
  2. Joshua Moody (#28, Los Angeles, started 10 minutes latem rode brakeless carrying a huge fuggin bag and only got 2 hours of sleep. Wins unofficial hard-core award)
  3. Patrick Beercroft (#19)

Also check out Jeff Guerrero’s pictures.

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