Bridesmaid Dress Ride flyer

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This ride is all about fun and creativity. It will not be any faster than the newest / slowest rider is able to maintain at an enjoyable and un-intimidating pace. If you’re used to going fast all the time, this will be a nice time to ride your bike in a different manner (and in a bridesmaid dress!)

The Seven Lofty Goals of the Bridesmaid Dress Ride

1. Have fun
2. Meet new people
3. Wear that dress one more time
4. Reduce the financial waste of the dress. (If you spent $200 on a dress to wear it only once than it cost $200 per use and that is just too much for one day. If you wear it to the Bridesmaid Dress Ride then it’s just $100 per use!)
5. Demonstrate that it is possible to ride fancy clothes on a bike
6. Look fabulous / ridiculous
7. Encourage people to become more comfortable riding in the city

New or new-ish to riding in the city? New or new-ish to group rides? Just follow the following handy tips and we’ll have a great time together!

Seven Recommended Rules of the Ride

1. Stay in the right lane
2. Leave nothing and no one behind
3. Stop at red lights
4. Ride straight and predictably
5. Roll past conflict
6. Communicate with other riders
7. Have fun

When: Friday, October 15 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: Meet at the Bike Pittsburgh Office (3410 Penn Ave, Pgh, PA)

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