Zodicat flyer

The Zodicat: a fundraiser for Babes on Bikes / Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

When: Sunday June 13th, 2010; 2pm registration, 3p start
Where: The fountain at Frick Fine Arts, Oakland
How much: $10, first 40 entries get a t-shirt!

End/Afterparty at 285 Main St. (Lawrenceville)
Sliding scale donation; free for racers
Come hang out!

Horoscope for urban Pittsburgh cyclists seeking adventure on the day of Sunday June 13th:

Astrologically align yourself to our Zodicat timeline! Take flight to hitherto unseen corners of Pittsburgh to test your mettle and unravel your destiny! Clever creative cyclists, test your wits against our caravan of challenges! Orbit within our celestial circus to become more flexible, limber and acrobatic than usual – not just in your physical ability, but in your mental attitudes as well!

Each constellation provides the opportunity – via a unique challenge – for you to demonstrate your will to succeed. Accumulate points with cunning tactics and inventive strategies.

Kidnap unexpected souvenirs!
Compete head to head under bridges!
Riddle your way out of intoxicating puzzles!
Express your inner muse!
Juggle at teetering heights!
Unleash tumbling chaos on your own head!
Plot a sexy ambush!
Escort an invisible friend!
Steal from the fountain of death!
Gorge on starry sweetness!
Climb to the stars!

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