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Get ready for the halloween event of the century

Live in Buffalo? Want to get down? Then check out these linkes that just came in via the EMAIL:

Seven One Fixed and
the myspace

Well dang, I realize I forgot to post the results!

If you’re impatient, y’all donated $382 and Team Thick Dorc won the overall.

Pirate Bike 2008: Results!
Team Thick Dorc are #1!  (And casey snuck in there somehow)

Spooky makes some pretty ill jerseys

Thanks, Spooky, for the best jersey ever.

And everyone else… get ready to win fine things such as these at Pittsburgh Calling

Good isht from Bagaboo:

Bagaboo Schwag

Look for the prizes at Pirate Bike…

Jeff made a sweeeet video. Check it out!

Man, those photos are awesome!

Justin posted the results of the prologue: TDY2 Prologue Results. Go me!

I got the generic phpBB installation set up. So check out the forums here:

You have to create a seperate log-in for the forums (yes, even if you have an account to post here). It sucks, but I don’t feel like messing around with the database stuff now.

I also don’t feel like making it look good, so for now it’s ugly as sin.

Anyway, feel free to start discussing that there race stuff.

Since the last site sucked, here’s the new one run on WordPress. I’d love to have written something that was actually set up for listing races & such, but this will have to do. Email me if you want an account so you can post new bullitens.

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