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Celtic Cross flyer

The Cross’d Bite was so much fun, we’re doing it again!


If you wanna go fast, or watch your friend’s fall over in the mud…

Where: Slagheaps
When: Sunday, March 21st; noon registration, 1pm start
How much: $5 to race, free to watch; RSVP appreciated!
Prizes: Yes!


Celtic Cross: course map

Celtic Cross: map from parking to start


And afterwards everyone’s welcome to come down to OTB!

Where: OTB (2518 East Carson Street)
When: Sunday, March 21st, 3pm
How much: FREE
Prizes: YES, actually. $1 Straub drafts & door prizes!

Elsewhere on the web…


(some of you have awful handwriting, corrections welcome)

11 Laps #2 Montana Miller- Winner Mountain

10 Laps #35 Stik- Winner Cyclocross
10 Laps #36 Chris Beech
10 Laps #37 Michael Tressler
10 Laps #5 Nate OLeath

9 Laps #24 Carol Clemens – Winner Womans
9 Laps #1 Timm Bover
9 Laps #3 Ted King-Smith
9 Laps #4 Brian Phillips
9 Laps #6 Ben Hay
9 Laps #8 Christian Schatt
9 Laps #14 Anthony Capan
9 Laps #16 Spencer Clark
9 Laps #22 Dave Petrak
9 Laps #30 Jason Hochreiter

8 Laps #7 Justin Makowski
8 Laps #12 Eric Lundgren
8 Laps #13 Kevin Boromi
8 Laps #15 John Swafford
8 Laps #18 Rnett Cherkin
8 Laps #20 Alex Darrow
8 Laps #25 Ericka Kopanic
8 Laps #26 Beau Smith
8 Laps #27 Alan Lucas
8 Laps #34 Brian Bard
8 Laps #38 Mark Tressler

7 Laps #9 Patrick Doss
7 Laps #11 Justin Uplonger
7 Laps #28 Dee Dee
7 Laps #29 Jacob Britsch

6 Laps #32 Dave Matlin
6 Laps #39 Matt Loht

5 Laps #17 Dennis Cowan

4 Laps #19 Drew Hendrickson

3 Laps #31 Jason Cordova
3 Laps #33 Drew Allen

1 Lap #10 Jason Brennan
1 Lap #21 Justin Flagg
1 Lap #23 Mike Carroll

Good job Matt, Chris & Stik for all the hard-work organizing! As for me all I did was edit this web page: on race day I was busy puking my guts out. Yay!

But if you want to know what it was like there, here are some links:

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  1. Calvin says:

    I am commenting because I am pumped for this and I am RSVPing because I do not have a facebook

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